A Girl And Her Guide Dog #6: My Life Is A Sitcom (or…OUCH!)

It’s been a few days…oops!

Sunday was rather uneventful. I love cold, rainy Sundays. Although now that I have to take somebody outside early in the morning and then at least twice during the day…they’re somewhat less cosy. But it was good. My friend, who has always been known on the blog as Mabel, came over, and Jem was very well behaved…by which I mean she slept…a lot.

I can’t remember Monday too well. Sad considering it was only two days ago. I think we went to uni…I did my first bus trip alone. Oh yeah…and a bus driver tried to stop me from getting on because “No dogs allowed unless they’re for blind people.” I tried to tell him several times that I was a blind person and Jemima was a guide dog…he didn’t get it. My instructor got involved and the bus driver proceeded to be extraordinarily rude. It was a charming taste of the fun times ahead…

I will stress here that most people are very good about it. But there are some who are painfully ignorant.

Anyway, the main takeaway from Monday was that my leg was definitely not better…It hurt…a lot.

So yesterday we stayed close to home. I went to the doctor and found out there probably isn’t a huge amount wrong with my leg. It just hurts…so much… I had some x-rays to make absolutely sure, but the doctor told me to keep going with the guide dog training, Just maybe take it a little easy.

So what did I do?? I’ll tell you what I did!!

Today I managed to fall over twice…on the same leg…

I never fall over. I trip often enough, and run into random stuff. But I never fall. Yet somehow in the last week and a half that I’ve had a guide dog I’ve fallen over 3 times. 3 times!

Today started off pretty well. I was doing most things by myself…I had a hiccup at the train station, where I completely forgot what I was supposed to be doing with this dog attached to me. But I recovered from that pretty quickly.

Then we came to the escalators. I was all alone. No instructor. Just me and Jemima. I coaxed her onto the escalator very carefully with a treat. I was so excited! We got to the top…I got her off the thing…It was great…but then in all the triumph and excitement I forgot that I too needed to get off…and I fell. On the escalator. I flailed and scrambled and panicked while Jem stood safely at the top. I was so scared that somebody would step on me or I would die right  there face down, falling backwards down an escalator. Not a good way to go!!

I was probably only down for 6 seconds. But still…it felt like a long time. I got myself up, (I don’t actually know how) located my canine, reassured the freaked out public that I was Ok and went on my merry way.

Then we got to uni…again, everything was going just fine. I was freaking out because I’m not yet comfortable with moving through so much empty space without making contact with anything. I’m so used to having reference points, I lose track of where I actually am quite quickly. It is so strange.

We were walking along a wide concourse next to a water feature/manmade lake type thing. We were obviously walking a bit to close to the edge, my foot made contact with the ledge, and I went right over…into the disgusting chlorine heavy water…in the rain. Of course I fell on my dodgy knee. I wasn’t too hurt, but I was saturated and also very upset. I started to cry…right there…in public. Just like that. For about 30 seconds there I just wanted to give up and go home. I try to be good natured about these mishaps…but sometimes…

I actually just wanted my Mum to pick me up and tell me that it would be Ok in the end. (she probably would’ve also told me I was a bit stupid for falling in the water)

Anyway, I recovered quickly with the help of my very encouraging instructor and we continued our work for the day. No more tears. Much more success. I tackled the bus stops and train stations pretty much alone…and I did that stupid, treacherous concourse with the water again. With no falling over! Woo! The escalators were also much more successful on the way back.

It was a pretty good day…only marred by my own ridiculousness. Jemima slept most of the afternoon, while I got into my pyjamas, drank hot chocolate and watched ‘Master Of None’, which incidentally is a fabulous show that you should go and watch.

My knee hurts a log…but I’m convincing myself that it is actually healing. Despite me not entirely following the doctor’s orders of taking it a bit easy. What is that anyway??

Hope my stories aren’t too pathetic for you all.

See you next time for hopefully more laughter and less tears xx

P.S. She likes her lovely soft mat now!! YAY!


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