A Girl And Her Guide Dog #5: I’m Too Old For This

Yes I’m posting on Saturday night. When all the normal 23 year olds. are busy having social lives. But me and Jemima are at home with Back To The Future on the telly because I haven’t seen it enough times. I think we’ll watch When Harry Met Sally next.

It has been a weird couple of days. Yesterday was generally uneventful enough. We walked to the local shops. Jemima found the ATM, (of course with the aid of food incentives) We went and introduced ourselves to the vet, well I introduced myself and Jemima and we popped her on the scales, she’s 28 kilos if you’re wondering, we went to the local council and made sure they know she exists, then we went home and had a quiet afternoon. Pretty tame day No?

But late yesterday afternoon something (and I don’t know what( set me off and I had a minor freak out/break down. I was just over everything. To be honest I’m still feeling a bit like that today. It doesn’t help that my injuries from my fall earlier in the week haven’t gotten any better, in fact they’re considerably worse, and walking is proving somewhat difficult. And if there’s one thing that you need to be able to do when you’re guide dog training…it’s walk. Very frustrating. I can barely walk the length of my house at this point. Luckily for me, the amazing Zed was there to give me a bone crushing cuddle which made me feel tonnes better.

We went shopping for pet supplies today and I learnt a very valuable lesson. Don’t go to pet shops. It is a hugely exploitative industry. I bought a collapsible bowl for $15 at the pet shop. Then I went to Kmart and almost the exact same bowl…you can barely tell the difference…was $4. Same with the on the go drinking thing. How is that fair? Shop around people. Shop around. Needless to say I will be taking the expensive pet shop stuff back.

I also bought her a rather expensive, very soft and lovely, mat to lie on in the loungeroom during the day. But guess what?? She is refusing to sit on it. Is this normal? What do I do?!?!

I am a bit done right now.

I don’t mean to whine…honestly I don’t.

But this is how I feel at this point in time, and the idea was to document my thoughts and feelings.

Another thing I have learnt is that a certain dog, who’s name begins with J, enjoys it very much when I blow raspberries at her. She goes absolutely insane for it. Jumping all over the place. (except for on her new cushy mat because apparently she hates it)

She hasn’t been bad or naughty…well I was pretty annoyed  when she was barking at 6am today and I was so worried because I thought she was bursting for a wee and a poo and I felt so horrible, and it turned out she just wanted to play. Hello! Jemima! It is Saturday and about 2 degrees outside! I am not, I repeat not, a morning person. But apart from that she has been extraordinarily good. Its just all a bit much for me sometimes. We’re both still getting used to each other, I understand that, but it is still really hard and no amount of forward thinking or positivity is going to change that. At least not much anyway.

Hopefully Sunday is a bit less stressy.

See you soon xx







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