A Girl And Her Guide Dog #4: Progress???

I meant to blog about day 3 as it was rather eventful…but yesterday afternoon/evening/night I was so mentally drained that I couldn’t even keep my eyes open long enough to watch a youtube video. Let alone put my day into words.

We’ve been to Uni and back twice now! Once walking to the station and once catching the bus. After we walked to my bus stop twice on day 1, she lead me straight to it today. What even??

I had a bit of an anxiety moment yesterday when we found out she wasn’t super willing to do escalators…I specifically stated I needed a dog who would happily embark on escalators. But somebody  decided it was Ok that Jemima didn’t like them and that it would be OK not to tell me. I was not happy when I found this out and it sent me into a bit of a freak out. I really like escalators. So much more than lifts. I just find lifts really annoying…with all their buttons and crap.

But today, when I missed my train because I failed bigtime at getting Jemima to find the door, my trainer, who is ace, managed to encourage her to do them with very minimal effort.

We killed those escalators…it will definitely take more work to get them 100%. But my anxiety has been hugely eased. I won’t be stuck looking for elevators everywhere I go.

Also it will take me about 300 years to get the technique for escalators right…I’d try to explain it, but I don’t entirely get it. It involves lifting your dog so they don’t get sucked down into the depths of escalator hell. My coordination definitely needs improvement.

I currently have her off lead in my back room. She has only tried to sneak her way into the kitchen a couple of times. But she has been very good on the whole. It’s kind of funny, and really weird, when she follows me around of her own free will. She just trots along after me. I still don’t know what to make of it.

I’m still freaking out whenever I walk with her. It’s so strange not having the feedback a cane gives, and just trusting that this dog will lead me around any obstacles. I didn’t truly realise just how much valuable feedback my cane was giving me about my surroundings until they took it away. I still go to grab it every time I leave the house with Jemima.

It is such a completely different experience. We just powered through the station underpass ducking and weaving around the hordes of commuters. My technique is nowhere near perfect. There are so many things to remember and I sometimes (a lot of the time) forget that I need to keep up and follow her if I actually want to avoid the obstacles.

Instead of doing all the things I was supposed to do this afternoon, we sat and watched friends. Pretty sure Jemima was enthralled.

I think that’s everything…or a lot of things…

Tomorrow we’re going to the vet. I’ve never been to a Vet surgery before. Should be interesting.

Until next time XX



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