A Girl And Her Guide Dog #3: Getting Acquainted (or…I am a moron)

  1. Day 2.

What happened?

I’ve dealt with 3 dog poos now. That’s 3 (three) dog poos. Yes, I know, for all you people who have been looking after dogs for years and years that’s laughable. But for me…well…its impressive. Although, to watch me you wouldn’t think I was handling it very well.

After she toileted this afternoon and I had given her much praise and food for being a good dog, we headed back down to the house…and next thing I know, I’m falling down the stairs. Yep. Nothing to do with Jemima. All to do with me being totally clumsy. Lucky my sister was there to help me up. It actually could’ve been a very bad fall. But my good luck for avoiding serious injury was still in effect. (One of these days it will run out. But thankfully not today.)

I’m told it was quite amusing to watch, and once we’d made sure I  didn’t’ have any broken bones or snapped tendons, we had a good laugh about it. Not Jemima though…she was actually pretty pissed off it would seem.

We also started our day by walking to the train station. That was pretty cool. I’ve never been able to do that walk on my own before. It’s pretty much impossible with a cane. But with a dog it’s a different story. She found ridiculously placed curbs and bridges with no trouble at all. I was impressed. Go Jemima!!

I don’t know how I’ll go when we do it again tomorrow. My legs and feet are pretty banged up.

We both had an afternoon nap today. I very much needed it. She surely did too. I’m probably tiring her out with my incompetence. When she woke up she came bounding for me. She seemed to be happy to see me which was nice. She just wanted a hug. Which means I have way too much dog hair on me. I am not yet resigned to this fact…

She had no interest in the ball I gave her to play with. But I am too scared to give her the unicorn again…she’d probably swallow it whole. Although…the sheep I put her to bed with last night (which she was very interested in) made it through the night with all its limbs intact. Strange, no? Funny how the expensive “premium” toy from the fancy-shmancy brand gets torn to shreds, and the $3 toy from Kmart stays perfect and whole. Oh cruel cruel world!


It was hugely remiss of me not to mention yesterday how awesome my dad and sister are being about this whole thing. My Dad, like me, is not much of an animal person. But he is being awesomely patient and really great with Jemima.

Huge kudos has to go to my sister, who shall here forth be referred to as Zed, who has kept me sane these past couple of days. She has been so supportive and helpful. Giving me hugs and kit-kats and encouragement when I think I’m about to burst with frustration, and literally picking me up off the ground when I fall flat on my back. I don’t think I could’ve managed without her. And she isn’t even allowed to pat or play with Jemima, and she loves dogs. So she is being truly awesome and getting not much out of it.

Love you Zed!!


I don’t know if I’ll keep blogging every single day. We’ll just have to see what happens. It can’t be that interesting…

I’m going to go take J-Dog to the loo (in the freezing cold) and then attempt to sleep off my injuries.


See you soon XX


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