Chatty Tuesday: Fangirling at the Melbourne Writers’ Festival

Yo everybody. Not much of a Chatty Tuesday this week. I’ve been so busy working on a fiction assignment for uni that I haven’t really thought about much else. I haven’t read or watched anything all week. I don’t even know how that’s possible. I think it had in part to do with me focusing on my own work and not wanting to be accidentally influenced by anybody else and also partly to do with the fact that I was really busy.


I’m still working on said fiction assignment (the opening of a novel for those interested) but now the main idea is thoroughly fleshed out and I have a style and voice that I think are pretty solid. It’s probably less likely that I will be unintentionally influenced by other works. So it’s safe to start reading and watching again. Which is good because I want to get lost in somebody else’s world for a while. Also I presented a draft of my novel opening for workshopping today and I got some really excellent feedback…so I’m pretty relieved. Workshopping is a nerve-racking experience but it can also be super rewarding and useful.


Anyways enough about my university endeavours. Aside from all that I’ve been attending some sessions at the Melbourne Writers’ Festival! Yay! If you’ve read any Chatty Tuesdays before you will probably be able to guess what sort of sessions I’ve been going to…yes. You guessed it. YA fiction and more YA fiction.


I went to a session where David Levithan and Rainbow Rowell talked all things YA fiction and how legit and important it is. I sat 2 metres away from Melina Marchetta while she discussed her new book. And then I went to a session on fantasy fiction which was just a discussion between Rainbow Rowell and Lev Grossman about all things…. you guessed it…fantasy fiction. It was so awesome. I’m not a huge fantasy nerd but their discussion was so freaking interesting. I want to read and write more fantasy now!! Then I lost my shit while I actually met and talked to Rainbow Rowell for about two minutes…and what an awesome two minutes they were. Then it was time to get my new Melina Marchetta book (yes I spent 50 dollars on books I can’t even read. But who cares because they’re signed) signed and also lost my shit a little bit there too. It was an exciting day for a YA nerd. I just absorbed so much greatness it was almost too much for little old me. I think at one point I almost felt tears welling up…I was kind of emotional about some other stuff…I think…maybe that’s just how much I’m into authors. Forget popstars and shit. Writing all the way! My good old bestie Betty was along for the ride…and even though she’s as big a book nerd as I am, I think my random intensity was freaking her out a bit.



Me and my best friend betty nerding out with melina marchetta
Me and Betty The Bestie With Melina Marchetta
me with rainbow rowell
Me and Rainbow Rowell. What A Day! It’s actually her!


That was all on Sunday. Then on Monday night, AKA last night, I went to a seminar given by David Levithan on writing YA fiction. If you’re going to take anybody’s advice on writing YA fiction, it’s going to be David Levithan’s. That guy knows his shit! My only complaint would be that one and a half hours was so not enough. I just wanted to absorb his wisdom for as long as I could. It was fabulous and I learned a bunch…even if some people asked really dumb obvious questions and I couldn’t formulate my actually good and relevant (if you ask me) question into a concise form that he could’ve properly answered. Never mind. It was still amazing. I still have two more sessions to attend on Friday. They are not, surprisingly enough, about YA. They’re about TV writing and publishing. V exciting.


I may elaborate on these sessions in greater detail at some point but for today I really just wanted to gush about how great it all was. Also I’m super tired and probably need to go to bed so I can actually get up at a reasonable hour tomorrow and study for my stupid mid-semester test. Did you go to the writers’ festival? Or any writers’ festival? Tell me about the time you met your favourite author…I want to know that I’m not the only one who acted like a complete lobotomised goose.

Until next time. xxx













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