Notes From A Beauty Enthusiast: Dark Brown Party Eyes and Bright Red Lips

Hey beauty enthusiasts! It was my charming sister’s charming birthday this past weekend and there was a party party. So I thought I better look a little bit fancy! I went for a bit of a dark eye and a bright red lip…although I made a fair amount of it up on the spot because I really didn’t have much time to get myself prettied up. But I was happy with the result so I will detail my efforts here for you all! I was actually so excited to do my makeup. I haven’t done proper eyeshadow and everything in ages, August has been a weird month, so it felt really good to be wearing party makeup again! Let’s get to it!


As usual I started with my eyes. Because fall out and mascara smudges and such. I primed with my NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer and set it with the FACE OF AUSTRALIA Loose Translucent Powder. I’ve been using this combo a lot lately. Chocolate Bar Palette time!! I started by blending some salted caramel in my crease with a fluffy brush. I followed that up with a mixture of gilded ganache and milk chocolate on the lid and then patted some hazelnut on the inner third or so of my lids and blended some on my lower lash line. I went back into my crease with some more salted caramel and blended it all with a super fluffy brush. Sidenote: don’t you just love the shade names in this palette? This was actually super quick but also reasonably effective…it got compliments anyway. Even though I completely forgot about eyeliner. Oh well, of course you could put it if you wanted! For my lashes I used the L’OREAL PARIS Miss Manga Mega Volume Mascara which I have been so loving lately.


Face time! Haha facetime. No. that isn’t funny. I’m aware. I primed with the L’OREAL PARIS Lumi Magique Primer, Glow Glow Glow, and for foundation it was my REVLON Colour Stay for oily to combination skin I use the shade 200 nude…if you’re wondering for any reason. I used a flat topped foundation brush. I used the NARS concealer and FOA translucent powder combo again for any blemishes and what not. I actually set my whole face with a light dusting of the FOA powder. I bronzed my face with the TOO FACED Milk Chocolate Soleil Bronzer, YAY for more products that smell like chocolate, by applying it in that magical number 3 pattern on my face. Basically sweeping the bronzer in the shape of a giant 3 on both sides of the face. Starting at the forehead, sweep it down and around to the cheek bone and then again down to the jaw line. Very effective. I may have stolen the technique from the great Zoe Foster Blake…but she probably got it from somewhere first so I think that’s fair.

Blushy blush. I went for THEBALM Instain Blush in Lace and for highlighter I used the BECca Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed in Champaign Pop! What else? I used a rather small, very dense brush to apply it to my cheekbones. so intensely glowy…I did end up blending it out a bit.


For My brows I used the AUSTRALIS Oh High Brow Kit. I Just use a tiny bit of the wax and then a mixture of both the light and dark powders to fill them in. Somehow I ended up with an extra eyebrow above my actual left eyebrow…don’t ask me how. I honestly don’t know. I’m a bit done. Either way I wiped it off with a makeup wipe and patched up my foundation with a pointed makeup brush. I really just wanted to make the point that pointed foundation brushes are really good for fixing up mistakes. What a mouthful…so much pointing. I set everything with URBAN DECAY Chill Setting Spray and at the very last minute adorned my lips with the AUSTRALIS Pout Paint in Red…just Red…So bright. So shiny. Unfortunately this doesn’t exist anymore but of course any bright red, or whatever colour you want, lipstick will do. This one matched the print on my dress. Subtle coordination FTW!


I was quite impressed with how quick but effective this look was. I was really happy. I love a good red lip and I’m so glad to be back in slightly more fancy makeup land. The eyes were a bit darker than I was originally going for but I was totally digging it! I’ll keep this one on file.


Let me know what you think and maybe what I should do next! Keep being awesome xx
















brown party eyes and bright red lips
Ready To Party!



Nars radiant creamy concealer – Mecca

Face Of Australia loose translucent powder – Priceline

L’Oreal lumi magique primer – Priceline

Revlon Colour Stay foundation – Priceline

Too Faced chocolate soleil bronzer – Mecca

TheBalm instain blush – Sephora

Becca shimmering skin perfecter pressed – Sephora

Urban Decay chill setting spray – Mecca


Too Faced chocolate bar palette – Mecca

L’Oreal miss manga mascara – Priceline

Australis oh high brow kit – Priceline


Australis pout paint


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